HIT Anti Roach Gel, is an innovative gel formulation that attracts and kills the cockroaches. The action starts within hours of application and the entire nest of cockroach gets eliminated within 3 days. The effect lasts up to 45 days with just one application and the tube can be used for at least 6 months.


Watch the below video on how it works.


Watch the below video on how to use the product

HOW IS IT BETTER THAN the professional pest control services

It is safer than most pest control services. The HIT Anti Roach Gel formulation does not contain any industrial grade chemicals or agricultural insecticides. Industrial grade chemicals and agricultural insecticides are the most common ingredients of various professional pest control solutions.

HIT Anti Roach Gel is also very convenient to use, just buy it from the store near you or various e-comm vendors here. Follow the application method on the pack and just put 20 dots around your kitchen at specific places like corners of cupboards, under the gas cylinders, corners of the microwave, fridge etc. and you are done, no need to remove the utensils or cover the appliances. But when it comes to pest control services, you have to call them book an appointment, take precautions like covering the utensils and appliances in the kitchen and also clean the mess once they have left, that is so tedious and time consuming.

HIT Anti Roach Gel is super economical, it costs just Rs.150/ injection tube that lasts for up to 6 months where as one time cost of pest control service is at least 1000 INR.